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Judith Garbett

Mani said education in her time was much simpler. 'I don't mean easy,' she said, 'but simplified — nothing like the load of learning children have to bear nowadays. But even back then the teacher would give a good amount of work to be done at home, which Mother was keen that I should do.'

But Mani would rebel, telling her mother that school was where any schooling should be, and home-time was for playing with friends. However, when exam time came Mani had a lot of catching up to do. So having no time to pray for herself and needing instant help, she would run to 'Bobo' (her father) and implore him to pray for her.

Finally taking Bobo's advice that she also should pray for herself, Mani asked him to teach her a very short prayer, 'a one-minute prayer', as she didn't have time for a longer one. 'Child,' said Bobo, 'I can teach you a simple prayer that is shorter than a minute.' Little Mani couldn't imagine any time less than a minute, so she asked in astonishment what such a prayer could be.

Bobo replied, 'The prayer is never to think ill of anyone. This prayer takes no time at all and goes straight to God.'


LIVES OF LOVE, Part 3, p. 2
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