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Bal Natu

There was a good musician in the crowd, a singer who had met Baba at Machilipatnam and been fortunate enough to sing for Him there. He had wanted to sing for Baba on His birthday too, but the program had already been chalked out and as it was a full one, no time could be made for him.

Naturally, he was very disappointed. He walked a bit away from the crowd and as he was standing there, thinking about Baba, his love for Baba welled up in his heart and without even being aware of it, he started weeping.

Perhaps in answer to this silent upsurge of love, under some pretext, Baba got up from the platform and walked to where the musician was standing. The man looked up and was startled to see Baba so close to him. Baba gestured that he could bow down to Him if he so wished.

The singer did so and then Baba conveyed, "Now, go back to your home and attend to your family duties. Do not worry. Come to see me when I come near your village." Completely satisfied, the person went back to his home and when Baba visited a nearby town, not only did he get the chance to again have Baba's darshan, but he was also allowed to sing to Him as well.

In later years, he would offer his services many times at public events, glorifying Baba as the Avatar of the Age through his songs and music.

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