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Dr. G. S. N. Moorty

While I was celebrating the Festival of Silence at Meherazad, when the Lord of Silence Himself was physically present on this earth planet of ours, the strangest thing happened in my life. The Beloved of my heart — Baba — called me quite surprisingly at an unusual hour in the afternoon on a day before the Festival of Silence and asked me to stay with Him for sometime.

I considered this a very special kind of grace conferred on me by the Highest of the High. Thus, when I happily stood face to face before my Divine Darling, I was directed by Baba to place my right foot on a small stool kept in front of Him, the purpose of which was unknown to me and I was in a state of utter suspense not knowing what to do.

However, Baba at once projected a penetrating look into my heart through his bright beaming eyes and asked me to follow what a few others present at the moment would do. Now, my whole attention was fully focused on Baba and His gestures.

Seven members of the Mandali were selected by Baba who were asked by Him to place their right foot on the said stool, one by one, and repeat any name of God dearest to them. Kaikobad was the first candidate who placed his right foot on the stool and started repeating the name loudly of his Dear God. During the short period when he was repeating his Dear God's name Baba bent Himself forward and bowed down His head on the foot of Kaikobad. The same process was continued by Baba when He called Pendu, Francis, Barikaka, Bhau Kalchuri, Eruch and Aloba.

Now, came my turn. This time, in obedience to Baba's instruction, I also placed my right foot on the same stool. In a second, Baba placed His forehead on my foot and I was loudly repeating Om thrice. It is rather impossible for me to describe my condition at that time when the forehead of Baba was touching my foot. My whole body was electrically thrilled to a state of an unutterable experience of a sweet shock that passed through my entire nervous system.

After that, Baba ordered me to write out my thoughts on the 10th July to be read out to Him on the 11th July morning. While observing silence, I could only manage to write one thought which was duly recorded in the pages of my Diary for the day and the same is reproduced hereunder:

"Baba's Silence is Brahma Nada, originally derived from Om. It is like a natural breathing process of Supreme Being in His Sada-Shiva state, where silence and seclusion become the parents of Peace which is, indeed, the bread and butter of Soul, giving us the taste of Truth about Baba's Godhood and revealing the Great Fact of His Avataric Reality. It is in this realm that Cosmic Love crowns the glorious spirit of Eternity, the Essence of Universal Existence."


1992 © G. S. N. Moorty


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