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Bhau Kalchuri

At this time [June, 1929], Ramaji, who was from Arangaon, was one of the older students in the ashram school.

Baba was very fond of Ramaji and had forbidden him to marry, but disregarding that advice, the boy's father had arranged his marriage and Ramaji had to comply.

On June 5th, as the wedding procession was on its way through Arangaon village, one bullock suddenly collapsed and died.

Then heavy rain began falling, postponing the ceremony. The river near the village was flooded, and while crossing it, three or four persons were trapped; however, they were rescued.

Meanwhile, Baba had been inquiring about Ramaji. He finally instructed Bhau Cheema to tell Ramaji to come and take his darshan at least once before getting married; otherwise, Ramaji would have to suffer terribly.

Ramaji was informed of Baba's wish, and the next day, he sought Baba's forgiveness. Seeing him weep, Baba forgave him and explained, "You have no idea what a great loss you have suffered by disobeying me. But since you have repented, you are pardoned. Had that bullock not died, your bride would have died. Do you have any idea to what extent I am troubled in order to save your bride?"

Baba then asked, "How did the bullock die? Was it sick?"

"It was very strong and quite healthy," answered Ramaji. "He just suddenly fell down and died."

"You will never understand it. Remember not to break my orders again." Ramaji felt deeply sorry and he wept much at Baba's feet.

Baba's embrace calmed him.


LORD MEHER, 1st ed, Vol 4, p. 1162
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