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Meher Baba

Baba took the women to Sarnath* on January 19th [1939], where he explained to them about Gotama the Buddha. Sarnath is where the Buddha first preached after he became enlightened. Baba reminisced about his incarnation as Buddha and then remarked, "Buddha is now silent."

Dal had been cooked in an earthen pot, but it began leaking out, so it was emptied into and served from a pail. Baba kidded them, "Take care of your pots (meaning their hearts). If they get holes in them all your love will leak out!"

*Sarnath is sacred to Buddhists all over the world, because it is where Buddha's first sermon was preached about 530 B.C. Every form of Buddhism is represented in Sarnath — Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Burmese, Ceylonese, and so forth. The central place of pilgrimage is a large temple there which treasures the Buddha's hair.


LORD MEHER, 1st ed, Vol. 7 & 8, p. 2372, Bhau Kalchuri
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