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M. R. Dhakephalkar

Two friends of mine — Dr. Marathe and Mr. Joshi, a Bank Manager — wanted to go to Rahuri with me and call on one Mr. Sapre, a great Astrologer. We travelled by bus from Nagar to Rahuri. I purchased tickets. I entertained them to light refreshments at my office and then escorted them to Mr. Sapre. My friends had a pleasant sitting with him.

At the bus stop I felt for money in my pocket. It was just sufficient for two but we were three! I was in a fix. At once I closed my eyes, recalled Baba's image before my mental eye and sent a silent prayer to Him to come to my rescue. I was desperate. I purchased only two tickets and we three occupied seats in the bus. I was waiting how Baba would deign to answer my prayer.

A few anxious moments dragged on. An agriculturist-client of mine came running and called me out. He informed me that he was on his way from Kolthar to Ahmednagar to meet me. Since he saw me at Rahuri, he could finish his work with me there itself without going all the way to Nagar. He pressed into my hands his ticket and Rs. 25/- towards part payment of my fees and handed over a vakaltanama signed by him. He thanked his stars for having met me on the way without proceeding further and went back home.

My eyes welled with tears of joy and gratefulness and I felt guilty that I had disturbed Baba for a trifle; I should not have tested Him for a trivial matter. He has always been with me. I resolved not to repeat it to invoke Baba's help. Just then the bus started. My friends called me in. I was practically not in my senses. I was thinking of Baba and feeling His presence about me. He gave me the experience that He is always with me.

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