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Mehera J. Irani

Baba was still often away on mast tours, so we sewed and gardened and did our work. Then, at the end of 1947, Baba did His first seclusion on Seclusion Hill. Padri had built two cabins on top of the Hill, one on the very top and one on the lower level, and one day Baba took us girls up the Hill to see them. Norina and Elizabeth came, too, and because of their health we climbed up very, very slowly.

Just before reaching Baba's cabin there is a spot where it is very steep and narrow. As I have said, I cannot stand heights, and I began to feel quite giddy. Just as I put out my hands to steady myself, Baba turned around and found me on all fours!

"What's the matter?" Baba asked.

"Baba, I'm feeling very frightened," I told Him.

And Baba held out His hand to me, "Mehera, catch, catch," and with a strong pull Baba pulled me up past that part of the hill. Baba asked me, "Feeling nice and safe?"

"Yes, Baba," I replied.

Then Baba took us to look inside His cabin. There was a chair inside, space enough for both a bed that was later brought up, and for Baba to be able to sit on the floor when He was working (Baba usually did His seclusion work seated on the floor), and there were two little windows.

Norina had a small camera, and she took a photo of Baba and the cabin of Seclusion Hill.

For this seclusion which lasted, I think, twelve days, Baba stayed in the upper cabin, and He had a mast from Meherabad stay in the other lower one. During this seclusion, once or twice Baba allowed Mani and me to go up to see Him.


MEHERA, pp. 185-186
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