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Delia DeLeon

I wrote to Baba that I felt alone and asked Him what war work I should do. He replied, "Only obey the laws of your country." An undated letter from Him also helped.

The Links, Bangalore

Yes, you are right, I have not written to you for a long time....

You speak truly and from deep experience when you say you can only learn through suffering and experience. Do you know these lines of Hafiz?

He who would tread my path, the thorn of grief will find
What pilgrim hath in fear of this, his quest resigned
Thou knowest well, he who attains true perfect love
Is he upon whose Soul grief as a lamp hath shin'd

It is the 'ego' which is the cause of this temporary suffering, but it is also the means to eternal happiness and bliss, but believe Me when I say that the real happiness which lies in store for you is well worth the present suffering and struggle. The greater the capacity to love the greater the pangs of separation. These pangs of separation are felt, not only by those living physically apart from the Beloved, but equally by those living near; in fact, the feeling of separation is greatly intensified when living close physically and while not having the conscious experience of union and oneness.... Love — work and obey Me — each of you.

My work just now is heavy, apart from the universal work for the upliftment of all. I have the work for the center which entails much work and time, every detail of which I supervise personally, although allotting to each the particular side of the work to which each is suited. It is to be on a very large scale consisting of many different sections but all under one guidance! You will read about it all in the magazine....



THE OCEAN OF LOVE, pp. 129-130
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