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Judith Garbett

To return now to the Tea on this last day of my 1987 stay, I sat opposite Mehera, in Mani's place. After the small dishes of sweets and cookies were passed round and all had taken tea, someone asked Mehera what was the story about the photo of Baba riding the white donkey.

Mehera recalled that it was taken on Meherabad Hill in the mid-1930's. Baba would take them out walking along the top of Meherabad Hill in the evening with Champa the donkey. Mehera mentioned to Baba that Champa was tall and strong and that He should ride on her when going up and down the Hill in the heat of the day, instead of walking on the scorching ground in His thin open sandals.

With persuasion Baba agreed to it. In the meantime, Baba agreed to sit on Champa for a few minutes. Then Mehera, Mani, Naja and Khorshed did so in turn, and Mani, who had brought her small Box Brownie camera, was able to record those moments with Baba and His women mandali, including Soonamasi and Valu.

Mehera said what a fortunate animal Champa was, and how blessed to have carried the God-Man in His present Advent.


LIVES OF LOVE, Mehera, Part 3, pp. 6-7
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