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Bhau Kalchuri

In the second section or part of the first heaven, the pilgrim sees circles and circles of light swirling like universes at an unimaginable speed. There is a colourless central light within these circles of light and its brilliance is unimaginably dazzling. One who reaches the second section of Alm-e-Vaktya with the help (push) of the Sadguru sees within this light the Image of his Spiritual Master and is able to journey on in that light to the Master.

It should be clear that the pilgrim only sees the Image of the Master, not the Master himself. However, one who reaches this stage alone (a yogi by his own efforts) sees only light, the light he has entered, and becomes so enthralled by the brilliance that his journey comes to a standstill.

This standstill is the effect of the enchantment in the heaven and usually lasts a long time, until the enchantment is overcome or the entrancement (samadhi) is shaken off; that is until the yogi is no longer dazed.

In the second part of this heaven, the pilgrim also hears the sound of an infinite melody, which though a shadow (echo) of the Original Melody of God — Brahma Nad, is inconceivably sweet and entrancing. The pilgrim is aware that this music is the sound of the angels (devas) but he cannot see them.


1981 © Bhau Kalchuri


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