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Irene Conybeare

Since a Universal Divine Manifestation always coincides with the spiritual renaissance of man, the period nearing that stupendous event is always one in which humanity is suffering the agony of approaching rebirth. It is not sufficiently realised what the internal and external significance of this cosmic springtime means.

Amongst other things, the Manifestation reacts not only to the good and bad samskaras (impressions left by past and present actions, desires, or thoughts) of individuals, but also to the collective karma or destiny of a country or nation. The direct divine influence can bring about great changes in world affairs, causing the rise and fall of nations and of economic systems, in keeping with their karma, as may suit best the Divine Plan as a whole.

Towards this goal statesmen, politicians and great men in public life are more directly, though unconsciously, influenced to bring about the adjustment of social and economic life. All human suffering, whether individual or collective, caused by wars or great natural catastrophes, is neither accidental nor coincidental, for man has to conform to the Law which governs the Universe.

It would be difficult to see any sense or significance in life or to recognise an ordered creation, if we did not believe in the Law of Cause and Effect. Without this belief we would see no justice in life at all; for some are born rich and others poor, some cripples and others strong. There have been events in history in which God has seemed to favour evil rather than good; but in reality it was not so, for there is always a plan and a purpose behind everything in the cosmic scheme.


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