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Mehera J. Irani

In the afternoons I would give Mastan his food, but later on Baba wanted to feed Mastan Himself. He would ask me to bring Mastan to His room. Mastan was never allowed to be free. Except in the mid-afternoon when he would rest in the passageway, I would keep Mastan on a long leash. When I would free Mastan, he would never run away. He would wait patiently until I said, "Go to Baba, Mastan. Go to Baba." Then he would go romping happily to Baba's room. We taught Mastan to kiss Baba and he would do it so sweetly, like a child showing affection for his father.

Baba would pat His bed for Mastan to come on and jump up. Rano and Meheru would place an old spread over the bed at Baba's feet and Mastan would sit there contentedly. He would look at us with a twinkle in his eyes as if to say, "See! See where I am seated! Right next to Baba!"

Baba would then tell me to quickly bring Mastan his food. His plate would be kept ready — bhakri (millet bread) broken up in gravy with pieces of mutton. Baba would carefully take out the pieces of meat — the very best ones and give these to Mastan, leaving the remainder for me to give to Mastan later.

Baba was relaxed and happy as He fed Mastan on His bed. With His own hands, He lovingly fed Mastan morsel by morsel. Then when all the meat was finished, Baba would snap His fingers, gesturing for Mastan to jump down. I would have to coax Mastan, saying, "Come on. Down, Mastan, down." Of course eventually he would obey me and jump down, wagging his tail slightly in a sort of "Thank you, Baba," gesture.

I remember one day especially when Baba gestured to me, "Isn't Mastan like a child? He looks so big, but he is just like a child. After this life, I will see that he is born as a human being."

And Baba's love for Mastan affected us all very deeply.


BABA LOVED US TOO, pp. 149-150
1989 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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