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Dr. G. S. N. Moorty

Looking at me quite peculiarly, Baba said: "I know you are waiting for My embrace. But no, how could I embrace you this time when I did not embrace anyone on 13th October [1968], though so many lovers were invited to attend an important meeting at Meherazad? Certainly I cannot be partial to you by giving an embrace now."

I was feeling a sense of disappointment and at once became sad. However suddenly I remembered about the Photostat copy of Baba's telegram, sent to me years ago, which I always carry in my pocket.


I took this telegram from my pocket and showed it to Baba. I could clearly see a broad smile on Baba's face when He said: "You need not get disappointed. There is one way out. Ask Eruch, he will suggest."

Now poor Eruch who was interpreting Baba, told Him thus: "What could I suggest? It is up to you to embrace or not embrace ... What other way could there be Baba?"

Baba showered some more smiles and told Eruch again:

"No doubt, I did not embrace anyone on 13th October and definitely, I cannot be partial to Moorty. But, suppose, though I may not embrace, if Moorty on his own comes forward and embraces Me, for which I do not resist, then how shall it sound? Can I not still maintain saying I never embraced Moorty but it is Moorty who embraced Me and I was helpless?"

Eruch kept quiet and signalled me to embrace Baba, but I was hesitating.

Finally, Baba said, "At present, I am in a good mood and My mood is that I shall not resist if you yourself come forward and embrace Me immediately, before My mood changes."

At once I rushed towards Baba in lightning speed and embraced Him so tightly, as if I were attempting to squeeze out the essence of Eternity. When the embrace was over, Baba asked me, "Are you satisfied now?"

Myself: "Then what should I do in order to please you, Baba?"

Baba, putting His forefinger first on His right cheek and then on the left said, "Come and kiss Me on both sides of My face." He simultaneously reminded me, "Am I not also your wife?"

Tears of love burst forth from my eyes and in the same sobbing condition, I kissed Baba twice on either side of His Rosy cheeks.

Once again turning to Eruch, Baba pretending to be serious said, "Look here, Eruch! You are now a witness to this occurrence that I have not at all embraced Moorty and that this Khuda is never partial to anyone."

No sooner the drama was over, than my wife and children were discovered coming back from the Women Mandali's side, escorted by Dr. Goher.

In a moment we surrounded the Silent and All powerful God. Yet this wonderful God never embraced my family on this particular occasion. But what a leela — Purushottam? [Highest of beings] Who can understand His divine game of mischief?

As I was feeling proud in my heart of hearts that I was so singularly fortunate to be allowed to embrace Baba without any resistance whatever from Him, Beloved Lord Baba turned to me again and said: "You transfer that Embrace to your wife right now."

He repeatedly asked me to embrace my wife in His Presence. I could not disobey Baba and so embraced my wife, who was holding the baby Meher Nath in one of her arms. I felt I was now emptied of that Embrace which I had with Baba. My pride was powdered.

Suddenly, Baba gestured to me saying: "Don't worry, still you have the two kisses with you. Now you all go," and waving His Hand in the usual manner said, "Take Me with you."


1992 © G. S. N. Moorty


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