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Eruch Jessawala

Always we had followed Baba, just to be at His side, to do whatever He wanted us to do. How can I bring home to you that our mental attitude in following Him had nothing to do whatsoever with any expectations of any sort.

We had not come for God-realization, nor for relief from the world, nor to attain a state of that meditation where you stop the mind and remain in Samadhi. No, nothing like that. He asked us to follow Him. He asked us to do a thing, and we did.

Mind would sometimes provoke the question: "Why has He asked us to do this," but that was a side issue; we did what He asked. And we did so not through any compulsion.

We followed Him because we exercised our freedom to become His slaves. It was not compulsory. He did not press us to do it. He just said: "Come, follow me ... come on, will you follow me, will you be with me, would you want to be with me?"


NOT WE BUT ONE, p. 133
1977 © Meher Baba Foundation


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