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Bhau Kalchuri

Baba broke his fast in November 7th, 1958. Before beginning it, he had instructed that a special circular be issued to his followers asking whether they were prepared to obey him 100%. This was the only communication from Baba that his lovers received during this strict seclusion. After his fast, Baba began hearing letters received in response to the circular. Some letters Baba would have read out four or five times.

During the night at this time, Baba would ask, "Has a copy of the circular been sent to (so and so)?"

I would reply, "Baba, a copy of the circular was sent the head of the family and the whole family reads it. We do not send a separate circular to each member of the family."

Baba would then gesture, "Inform Adi to send a copy of the circular to (so and so) separately." In this way, Baba would remember many devotees during the night. As per his instructions, circulars had to be sent to each one, and in some cases personal letters as well.

This went on and on every night, until I started thinking, "Because Baba is not able to sleep, this is his pastime."

But one night when he asked me, "What are you thinking?"

I just replied, "Nothing, Baba."

Baba was in a good mood and explained, "Do you know why I descend on earth? I come down on earth in order to worship the love of my lovers, and this is a way in which I worship. They worship me and I worship them. They remember me and I remember them. This is not my pastime."

During this period, the Avatar was remembering his lovers throughout the world. By remembering them the whole night, he was making an offering of his love to them, and worshipping their love for him.


1984 © Bhau Kalchuri


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