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Baba laughed, opened His hands, then spelled out on His alphabet board, "You must go; I have made you my link in America."

Still Dancing with Love, p. 99

Margaret Craske

With Joy, Freedom, Rhythm
He would pretend to be a little boy coming to Margaret for his first dance lesson.
Baba's Archetypal Work
"You are a dancer and know much about anatomy, and I want you to teach these girls how to protect themselves."
After That Ruano Smoked In Peace
The gentle correction was perfectly clear, and after that Ruano smoked in peace.
A Startling Welcome To Ashram Life
These girls came to be affectionately known as the Three Fatties. No explanation needed.
Tonight Is Heaven
I had a moment of truth and stammered out, "Yes, but tomorrow won't be."
Next Time He Would Eat Me
The next day I told Baba of this dream.
I Have Come Not To Teach But To Awaken
The day after my arrival in India in 1939, Baba sent for me, had me place my chair so that I faced Him exactly almost knee to knee.
For some time after coming to the States certain difficulties hampered me in any business transactions that had to be dealt with.
Journey To Quetta — 1940
As we drove through the pass, Baba kept pointing out rocky paths where the brigands had, the week before or two days before, descended and demolished a few travelers.


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