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Mani S. Irani

For the world, while oblivious to it, the greatest event is when God visits the earth as Man. Of all the planets in all the galaxies among all the universes, Earth alone is where this miracle happens, again and again.

But when it happens, poor Earth is unconscious; it is like a king who is crowned in his sleep and misses his coronation. The God-Man (Avatar) visits the Earth when it is dark in pain and sorrow. He comes in the dead of night, and only a few see Him by the light of His Love and follow Him in adoration.

The Dawn comes after He leaves, and with it comes the growing awakening, the remorse, the agonized waiting for His return, the resolution not to miss Him the next time ... many a 'next time' slipping through many a worn out resolution ... until, at last, that time is here.

It is in this time, now! This God-visit is to be different. Our Earth-world will not be left asleep in darkness. The Compassionate One will shake it awake, and it will witness His Love's rising in the dawn of His Word.

All the world, our God-Man tells us, will know Him when He breaks open His silence and gives to it The Word.


1976 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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