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Eruch Jessawala

For some reason, people today are not as eager as they once were to hear of Baba's personal habits. Now the emphasis seems to be more on Baba's Godhood. People come here and they say, "Since Baba was God, you must have experienced a lot in His presence." Or they wonder, "What was it like to live with God?" Their idea of God seems to involve occult experiences, or something of that sort. They know Baba is God so they want to know all about His perfection, but what can we say? Baba is God, there is no doubt about that, but our day-to-day experience of Baba's perfection was of His perfect humanity.

Meher Baba was the perfect sportsman, the perfect companion, the perfect friend, the perfect psychologist, the perfect teacher, the perfect philosopher. In short, in whatever field of endeavor you can name, Meher Baba was perfect in it. I say this to people and they still don't understand.

But when I say Meher Baba was perfect in all things, that also means He was the perfect criminal, the perfect thief — yes, it's true. Haven't you seen the poster on the blue bus outside? Baba told us that, that he is the perfect thief, because He steals one's heart, but He steals it so perfectly, so silently, so skillfully, that it may take you lifetimes before you even realize He's taken it.

THAT'S HOW IT WAS, p. 191-192
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