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Dr. H. P. Bharucha

Many hints were given by Baba about His passing away but these were not understood.

Once He had said, "That which is to happen after 21st May, 1968, will be something great, something that has never happened before, something that will not happen again for billons and billions of years." He even remarked that the "something great" would happen all of a sudden, not in developing stages. "People will go about their daily affairs unaware till the moment of its happening."

For His 43rd Silence anniversary on 10th July, 1968, the following message was dictated by Baba to His Mandali though it was not released to His lovers. "Divine Father, help your beloved son to carry out all your work this year for July of this year will mark the last year of His silence."

Baba had promised His lovers, "Sometime, somewhere, somehow I will meet my old and new Western lovers before I break my silence."

On 30th July, 1968, Baba had said, "My work is done. It is completed 100% and will manifest from the end of September."

On 13th October, 1968, Baba had said, "I have been saying: The time is near, it is fast approaching, it is close at hand. Today I say; The time has come. Remember this!"

Once Baba had said, "Come, coming, coming — Came!" He said, "None of you can know what it means." A few days later He added another line, making it: "Coming, coming, coming — came! I am tired of the illusion game."

He had told His Mandali, "Jesus said, 'Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.' I say, 'Father, have pity on them for they know not what will happen.'"

Bhau Kalchuri has been doing night duty for Baba since many years. Baba had asked him to compose a 'ghazal.' Bhau had never done this before and so Baba would often give him tips when he sat near Baba at night time. In fact, Baba would often compose a couplet for Bhau. On the 29th of January, Baba gestured the following couplet to Bhau. "Ab Ji Ke Kya Karenge, Jab Tumhi Chale Gaye." This means, "What shall we live for now, when you have left us and gone away."

Baba had told Dr. Grant on the 30th of January, "My time has come." On the same day, referring to His suffering, Baba had told Dr. Donkin, "This is my crucifixion."

When Mohammed had been told that Padri had gone to Meherazad on the 30th, he too had hinted that Baba would be coming to Meherabad the next day.

We thus remained deaf to His hints for it was His will that we should not know that He was leaving us physically.

1969 © Dr. H. P. Bharucha


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