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Darwin Shaw

As we grow little by little in spirit, we find that we can no longer tolerate some actions, thoughts, and feelings in ourselves anymore. We also become more aware of actions, thoughts, and feelings that compatible with our inner being.

More and more we want peace of mind, which means harmony, upliftment, more light within, and deeper and deeper values. We see that it is not so much accepting a doctrine as weeding out things we had not known were affecting us.

We are working toward divinity — divine reality, divine love, divine truth — and this is above all laws; it cannot be dominated or superseded by anything. This is what Baba has and gives, and what sustains him. And when we come to him, his divinity also sustains us. He lifts us out of the lesser laws of lower levels of consciousness and brings us under the law of divine love, the "lawless Law," which means that we would be entirely free. (But of course, we have integrity of purpose and do not use this as a loophole for indulging in things that are wrong; rather it lifts us out of the wish to do anything that is other than the purest.)

Loving, trusting, and feeling intimate with the Master gradually raises our consciousness and creates an open channel. It is through this love that our consciousness gets raised. It is slow to happen, but it is real work that is going on to raise our consciousness.

This is why we are spending our lifetime making efforts to decondition our subconscious. It is so that we can stop limiting the Master or God by our false ideas about him and ourselves. He helps us see through these false notions. This knowledge deepens into insight. We can see how our impressions ensnare us and how our sanskaric patterns have become a drag on our consciousness.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, once we have tuned in to the Master, we are receiving help from him. With his help, the impressions dissolve, the heart center opens, and love flows. The crowning jewel is the flow of divine love. Everyone should feel equally close to him; no one should feel left out. A relationship with him is equally available to all. He does not play favourites; all are meant to be intimate with God.


EFFORT AND GRACE, pp 112-113
Copyright 2005 Darwin Shaw


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