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Bhau Kalchuri

Each soul is connected to the Avatar by a link of love. Each one is connected with the Avatar because he, the Avatar, is everyone and everything. Through the Avatar's work, though, there are some who are connected with him directly, and there are others who are connected with him indirectly. This direct or indirect connection is in terms of his work for them. For some his work is special, and for most his work is according to the push in consciousness he gives them.

If one was to analyze the effect of his work, one finds that there are some individuals who are completely dedicated to his cause, and who live for him and who would die for him. They want nothing except him, and this means to please him, even at the cost of their lives. Their aim is to lead a life of sacrifice, love and selflessness in a natural way.

There are various types of such dedicated individuals because the degrees of dedication differ. Despite this difference, each one of them is directly connected with the Avatar, since the type of dedication which they have is because of the special work the Avatar has done for them. There are others who accept him but do not work for his cause, and therefore, though they are connected with the Avatar and his work, they are connected indirectly.

The circle members (mandali) are the most dedicated souls connected with the Avatar and they are dedicated to the cause of Truth, and to Meher Baba as the embodiment of Truth. This type of dedication comes only after serving the cause of Truth during many lifetimes, and they understand that to serve Meher Baba is to serve the Truth.


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