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Just as everything in the domain of duality is based on the proportion of degrees, so also is perfection based on degrees when concerned with duality. Bad and good, vice and virtue, weakness and strength are all based on degrees when considered with duality. Bad and good, vice and virtue, weakness and strength are all aspects of duality, but in reality it is unity of degrees. Bad is not bad but good in its lowest degree; so is weakness not weakness but strength in its lowest degree.

Perfection has also its degrees when compared with imperfection. So you will find one perfection not including every perfection when in duality. One man perfect in science won't be found perfect in painting. So these perfections are under the domain of duality.

Have you ever heard of perfect crimes? When murder is so cleverly perpetrated as not to leave a single clue behind, it is called a perfect crime. So even in crimes and so-called sins, there is perfection.

Now the perfection attained by spiritually perfect souls is not in the domain of duality. All these relative perfections, explained above, come within the scope of intellect, but the perfection of spiritually perfect souls is beyond intellect. When one is perfect spiritually, one knows that nothing exists except God alone; and so everything that exists under intellect and under the domain of duality is illusion to him. So for the perfect man, nothing exists but God. Science, art, music, weakness, murders are all dreams to him. His knowledge, his perfection is one indivisible existence.

Now when this perfect soul, for spiritual reasons, wants to use all his power and knowledge, he does it purely for the sake of spiritual upliftment. Then he puts universal mind in that subject and knows all, even though the outward expression is not necessary, because all languages come first from the mental limit and are then expressed orally. But he knows the mind of everyone, so in any language, even before it is uttered, he knows the purport. So with everything — science, art, etc. If he wants, he can know even before it is manifested. But he does it only when necessary.


TREASURES, pp. 122-123, ed. Jane Barry Haynes
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