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Whenever I felt sad or in a mood, you felt it so keenly and miserably and cried and tried all your best to make Me happy again.... How can I forget it all? I know all, and know all the while how intensely and immensely you love Me, and if you do not know now how deep and great My love is for My Leyla, you will one day know it for certain.

The Ocean of Love, p. 44
1991 © Meher Baba Association


Herein lies the riddle of the Universe and My game, too
Now cheer up, My faithful Leyla [Delia]. I love you as always and you love Me infinitely more than you used to.
Delia, DeLeon: Notes on My Trip to India in 1948
It was during the early part of 1948, whilst I was on a visit to my relations in Panama, that a cable arrived from Baba asking me to come to India for three months.
Dearest Shalimar [Minta]
Mine you always were and Mine you will always remain whether there or here.
Wants You To Love As He Does
Baba does not only talk of love, He enfolds all with the warmth of His own all-embracing love.
The Divine Sculptor Of All Hearts
I feel every sad thought of My "Kimco" who are forever My heart.
Please Him Whom To Please Is To Know
My way with you all is the shortest way to Union which I long for infinitely more than you can ever long.
Let Me Read The Hound Of Heaven
I often read stanzas from Hafiz, Baba's favorite poet, and one evening I asked Mehera to ask Baba to let me read The Hound of Heaven by Francis Thompson.
Time Stood Still — Here Was Reality!
Only those who have had the felicity of being thus embraced can understand the extraordinary feeling of happiness it brings to be thus enfolded in Love.
You Have A Great Part To Play
You are one of My nearest and dearest who are always in My thoughts wherever I am
I Will Give You The Victory
You make the effort and I will give you the victory. It is a divine struggle with purpose behind it. Don't fight against it.
I Must See You Again
On one occasion He said to me, "You're very lucky to have met Me now," and He added, "It's not luck that brings you here."
A Love And Faith As Real As St. Francis
We went to Versailles, to the Eiffel Tower, we played games with Him, and then He returned to India.
Will You Forgive Your Beloved?
Will you forgive your beloved if He writes you a birthday letter one month late?
Long For The Real
I will look after all who are Mine wherever they are. Just keep on loving and think of Me.
He Was So Kind And Gentle With The Old People
How amazing it was that the Lord of the Universe, in the midst of all His work and activities, should find the time to visit one's relations.
I Thought Baba Was Going To Leave Me Behind
I went through another crisis similar to Lugano, thinking that I was being neglected in favor of others, as Baba had told everyone they would go with Him to America.
Among My Most Precious Recollections
The moon was shining straight onto His face and, as we sat around Him in silence, we could feel Him drawing us closer in love.
The Greater The Capacity To Love
You speak truly and from deep experience when you say you can only learn through suffering and experience.

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