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Delia DeLeon

During the past weeks, in thinking of Baba's teachings, it became clearer than ever to me that it is not what Baba says, but what He is that is of such supreme value to us; for it is only when the words are backed up by example that they carry conviction and have importance. Therefore, it is because Baba is here with us and gives us the example of His own life, that words and teachings become transformed into living truth, and our hearts stirred and awakened. He shows us not only what we can become, but the love of God in manifestation. We see love, wisdom, and power in action and by His perfection we can measure our imperfection, and so be helped to a standard of true values. So the first thing that Baba teaches or wants of us is not to talk, but to do...

It is for our sakes that Baba is here, for He is already perfect, and that He willingly endures limitation and suffering. Our receptivity to Him will help us to transcend our limited selves, for Baba, by holding Himself up for our attention and saying, "Read Me," shows us the meaning of perfection when man becomes God, and God becomes man — and also shows us what it means to function as a human being with complete balance, poise, and equilibrium. This is teaching in the truest sense, for He has trod every step on the path He asks us to take.

While Baba helps all humanity, His concern is with the individual, for perfection is an individual matter which each one has to attain personally. He says we must learn by our own efforts and conscious experience, but when we make the effort, He will give us the victory. That is why, with His close disciples, Baba has always been reluctant to give explanations. He points out that explanations and discussions do not help us to realize Truth — and when you experience it you do not need explanations.

For progress the chief requisite is to love God sincerely, and with singleness of purpose. This is the cornerstone of Baba's teaching, for it is by love and through love that perfection is attained; but we are told, "Pure love is no game for the faint-hearted and weak." We need courage, discipline, and a burning determination to let nothing deflect us from our chosen path.

To make clear to us the intrinsic worth of every human being He tells us, "God is in everything and everybody — you must feel in your heart of hearts that God alone is real, that He is the innermost self of all selves." He says this again and again in various ways — it is a basic statement in His teachings; for until we can really feel this we cannot understand the fundamentals of human relationships, nor know that when we hate or hurt anyone we are really doing it to ourselves.

Baba does not only talk of love, He enfolds all with the warmth of His own all-embracing love. Those who have met Him know the unique experience of being in the presence of someone who radiates pure love, and who makes you feel that whoever you are and whatever you have done, He really loves you and wants you to love as He does, and it is this love of Baba that melts the hard crust of our limited egos.

THE OCEAN OF LOVE, pp. 190-192
1991 © Meher Baba Association, London


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