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Adi K. Irani

If we really believe that Meher Baba has one hundred percent knowledge of everything, then does He not know when we are going to get God-realization? Must we ask Him the question? We should not place ourselves in this position in our relationship with Meher Baba. However, all are not equally gifted to be strong. There will be many, many persons who ask all these questions, and of course they eventually will come to know that it is very foolish on their part. They could ask these questions of other masters. Masters who are on the first, second, third, fourth, fifth or even sixth plane can advance one to their plane, but they can never take one out of illusion and unite one with God. So Meher Baba is not a half-way business.

Someone has asked if Meher Baba takes everybody blindfolded. For those who love Him, the answer is yes. But there are certain exceptions. Suppose a man is a yogi who has gone a long way on his own. Contrary to us who are on the path that Meher Baba has made for us to traverse blindfolded, this yogi has gone his own way. One day he comes in contact with Meher Baba who asks him to do something for Him. This yogi cannot take a jump from where he is to the right road that Meher Baba has established. He has to be brought down to start again. That is the difficulty. So for yogis or such persons who have gone through a lot of exercises in their lives, it is a different question which does not generally apply to us since we are whole-hearted lovers of Meher Baba. If I am a sincere Baba-lover, I do not bother about the path. What do I want? I want His Reality. Whether it is a path or a bath, I do not bother about it.

Followers of Meher Baba cannot be found by the millions or even thousands at a time. We do not find diamonds by the thousands or millions. Pebbles, on the other hand, do exist by the thousands, millions and billions. We can go on the dunes and find many pebbles, but are they diamonds? Certain pearls have a brightness, but it is an imitation brightness. They are not real pearls but cultured pearls. We are attracted by them and want to own them. Eventually we find that they are not real pearls. In real pearls, the true followers of Meher Baba, there is a real longing and a real love. That is why they are not commonly placed. Meher Baba is for all, but Meher Baba is also for those persons who have a real longing.

People have asked me the question, "Since Meher Baba is the Avatar and is so powerful, why aren't there millions of people running after Him?" Were there millions of people running after Christ? No, only a handful of fishermen. Look at the life of Krishna. Look at the life of Zoroaster. Look at the life of Buddha. They were shunned. They were molested by humanity, crucified by humanity. They were not yogis, but the Avatar. That name lives forever, for all time. Anyone who came in His contact was taken through blindfolded to the head of the path.


JUST TO LOVE HIM, pp. 71-72
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