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Bill Le Page

All suffering is man's labour of love to unveil his own infinite Self.

This statement of Baba's on suffering reminds me of a Baba lover in Dehra Dun, northern India. Some of his friends told me that he was an extreme asthmatic — so much so that he longed for relief in death. He was told that Meher Baba was God in human form, and was so deeply moved in longing to see Him that he somehow managed to be included in a Poor Program given by Baba in Dehra Dun, even though he was wealthy.

When he came before Baba, Baba in His compassion allowed the man to express his wish that He should take him in death, or take his asthma. But Baba said to him: 'Do not worry. Be happy. Think of Me more and more. Love Me more and more. I am with you.' The man was profoundly moved and left happily.

When he was asked by friends about his asthma and they expressed sympathy, he responded that his asthma was in fact his greatest friend because it had brought him to the Lord of his heart, Avatar Meher Baba.

Every day he would pray before a photo of Baba, and, I was told by his friend, such was the fervour of his love for Baba that Baba would come down from the frame and sit before the man.

Years passed by. One day, two of the man's friends were talking in a room in which there was a photo of him with Meher Baba. Suddenly, for no apparent reason the glass of that photo cracked, and while a discussion ensued between the two men for the reason of the cracking and the need to replace the glass, news came from another friend that the man had died.

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