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Norina Matchabelli

I am transmitting to you a direct message which is just as simple as a radio message. It is from my beloved Master, Meher Baba, in India through me here in New York. It is not mechanically reproduced unless I sit before a microphone.

He merely obliterated my pituitary gland, and through his grace had my pineal gland open. His voice comes through the etheric ear which is above the physical ear.

Everything is Divine though not all acknowledged. I might be said in this moment to become Divine as he transmits his voice through me. Unfortunately I am unable to change faces or temperament. Being of a nature type with individual characteristics such as we all have, he uses me as I am.

My nature and subtler intellectual intuition are definitely useful to him. The only difference is that instead of me using me in my temperament, he uses it. He wills my temperament and other spiritual characteristics. But you do not all understand these things. So I am producing to-day the Light Current of someone who is Divine Human — Supreme Perfection. The one who has reached God-Realization called the Man Meher Baba (Perfect Master).


NORINA'S GIFT, p. 26, Christopher Wilson and Charles Haynes
1997 © EliNor Publications


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