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Princess Norina Matchabelli

What is after all this Truth of which everyone is so curious nowadays? The relativity of Truth is not to be avoided, and to understand this, is better than to be utterly agnostic and to deny the fact of Truth which is to be conscious within of one's own inherent God.

Truth is nothing else but that. I come back to the term Yoga of Truth and I state here for the general public of the Western World that it is . . . to have been awakened within by the Grace of the new Avatar.

The new Avatar is a Man. This Man must be recognized when He manifests in His full Power as the God Who is needed in Form of a Man. To be needed by man means, that man himself has not yet realized his own inherent God-state and has to be made wholly, holily happy to be able to become that God-Man.

For all human beings, it is a terrific task to attain to this higher state of consciousness, but when they once see with their own eyes, feel with their own heart, understand with their own intellectual discrimination, what is to be the fulfilled form of man, then they shall not hesitate to go on and find the Path through which it only can be possible to attain this ultimate conscious state called God. Man is super-human being, as he is.

Nothing is different in the inner structure of man . . . only the external structure differs and makes men appear separate human creatures with separate ways of interpretation, separate habits, separate desires and needs. The human being in itself is in its spiritual structure in tune with its Divine Being yet undetected God-conscious state.

So, Yoga of Truth can not be any further pursued, studied or found or bought or hired or borrowed . . . it is Grace from the Avataric figure. This fourth body is in all men the same substance and through this aware-conscious feeling of this substance . . . shall man come to greater inner understanding, of each other's needs. Only through this awareness of Ethereal form will man come to deeper understanding of what is meant by new world order. All men have an idea of this term, but how childishly they figure it out!

Nothing will be new in this earth. No one will invent a new machine to detect the God within. Nothing can be done to make men happy. Nothing more will be done to create a more religious outlook. All has been done in the past ages, or let us say years, since the appearance of the last Avatar who was Jesus for the Christians and Mohammed for the Eastern World.

These two great Avatars have brought about a deep change of consciousness throughout all parts of the world. Men do not yet appreciate it. They will appreciate it after this world war is fought honestly and profoundly in all parts of the world. The deep changing consciousness which has come to its fullest fruition in this war shall progress during the new dispensation.


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