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Najoo Kotwal

During one of these morning calls, Mummy was seated in the kitchen working when Baba came in and watched her, then said, "You are beautiful." Mummy was all alone, just doing her assigned task, and she certainly did not expect these words from her Lord. Tears began to roll down her cheeks, as Baba had touched a most vulnerable place in her heart.

"Why are you crying?" Baba asked. "I mean it."

Mummy said, "Baba, people have said I was good-looking, but I did not think so, because in all these years of our married life, Savak has never once told me that. But today, You, my God, are saying this to me. My mother used to tell me this, too, and You are my Mother. Baba, from now on I will be happy. I do not need anyone else in this world to say these words to me." She sobbed as she said this, and Baba gently wiped the tears that trickled down her cheeks. Mummy then smiled at her compassionate Lord and Mother, who had just filled her heart with rapture.

The God-Man knew our most sensitive heartstrings, and He played on them with divine tenderness.


2006 © Meherwan Kotwal


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