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Eruch Jessawala

One day in January, 1947, I brought an adept pilgrim to Mahableshwar where Meher Baba was staying at the time. He was a thin, elderly Muslim with a kind face, and he was known as Bhorwala Baba since he lived in Bhor, a village abut twenty-five miles from Mahableshwar.

Keeping Baba's injunction not to reveal His name, I had told Bhorwala Baba that we were going to meet my elder brother, but to my utter surprise, he at once responded that he was not being taken to meet my brother, but to Meher Baba.

He then added, "Meher Baba has in Him the whole universe. He is the Master of everyone and He is within every disciple. He is this world, that which is above it and below it. He is in me and in everyone. He is the Saint of saints and in one glance He sees the whole of India."

As soon as we arrived in Mahableshwar, I told Baba what this mast had said and Baba decided not to meet him. Baba then had supper sent to Bhorwala Baba and ordered that after a night's rest, he should be sent back to Bhor.

Although Meher Baba did not always avoid contact with masts who recognized Him, as a general rule He preferred not to meet them, since in some way known only to Baba Himself, they do not harmonize with the needs of His work.


THE ANCIENT ONE, p. 31, ed. Naosherwan Anzar
1985 © Naosherwan Anzar


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