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Waryam Singh Sahni

Here I would like to relate the story of Don Stevens.

The story though is known to many; I still would like to narrate it here as I feel some more may benefit from this story. The story goes like this; Don was working in Standard Oil Company in USA and was earning a decent salary. He felt at that time that he should be into more of a humanitarian kind of a job rather than the present job. He thought he would clarify with Baba.

He went to Meherazad shortly and somehow missed out asking Baba about this point. He decided that he would ask the next time. The next time too while he was about to broach the topic with Baba that something happened and due to the distraction, he missed out asking this time also. The third time he arrived in India, he decided that he would definitely ask Baba about his predicament.

Yes, He did get the opportunity and he told Baba about his feelings. Baba said, "Who do you think has put you in the Oil business? I put you in the Oil business because it is the environment which most satisfactorily brings up the sanskaras which you must work out in this particular life. I put you there; now stay there."

This story of Don Stevens made me feel light and now I keep telling people not to be so bothered about their boring jobs. I have been regularly going to Baba Centre here at Delhi and my children grew up and many incidents happened which proved Baba's protection and grace.


BABA'S GRACE, 2nd ed, pp. 87-88
2005 © Waryam Singh Sahni


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