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Mani S. Irani

The following dream is not unique, in the sense that my listeners assure me they too have had a similar dream experience. But for me it is very special because of my interplay with Baba during such dreams whenever they occur.

First I'm going through an ordinary dream. Suddenly the gears change and I find myself fully awake within the dream, i.e., I'm fully aware that I'm touching the clouds, with a sense of freedom and abandon unknown in wake state. And I tell myself, "Oh how I want this dream to continue on and on!" But I also know that Baba will never allow it; that shortly after I'm aware that I'm dreaming, Baba will switch off the dream. Every time it happens I wish myself better luck next time.

One such dream-within-a-dream that I recall specially, was seeing Gulmai, mother of Baba's early secretary Adi K. Irani.

She was standing at the far end of the railway platform in Poona. I was standing at the other end of the platform far away, but could see her clearly. She was gesturing excitedly, inviting me to come over where she was and see what she was seeing around corner of the platform. I was so curious to see the object of Gulmai's admiration at the other end that I started to run towards her, while desperately pleading with Baba not to wake me up for a while.

"Please, please, Baba," I pleaded, "don't wake me up. I have to see what Gulmai wants to show me, please, Baba ..." I kept running faster and faster to reach her in time. Just a few feet away from Gulmai, the dream evaporated and as I woke up I felt sure I could see Him smile.


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