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Meher Baba

Meher Baba's gnosis upholds without equivocation both the theory of Identityism (wahadat-ul-wujud) and the theory of Advaitism. In the chart "The Ten States of God" by Meher Baba, it is made clear that it is God alone who plays the different roles, real and imaginary.

The beginning is God and the end is God; the intermediary stages cannot but be God. The spiritual dictum of Islamic theology is "Huwal awwal, Huwal akher, Huwal zaher, Huwal batin" (He is the first, He is the last, He is the external, He is the internal).

Maulana Shabistari, in Gulshan-e-Raz, says:

Gar andar amad avval ham bidar shud
Agar cih dar ma'ad az dar bidar shud.

"He returns to the door from which he first came out,
although in his journey he went from door to door."

GOD SPEAKS, 1st Indian ed, pp. 159-160
1973 © Sufism Reoriented


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