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Darwin Shaw

Love Baba in any way you can. He is the doorway to the Infinite. Baba says, "Love me at your level and I will take you to my level." This is the whole secret. By loving him personally, we come to love him in an unlimited sense.

I think that everyone who has come close to Baba also experiences him in the most personal sense with regard to his physical form. His form itself becomes a doorway to the infinite. But incidentally, en route, we experience the beauty of his form because he is, after all, the personalized divine Beloved, the one we can really love, really adore.

So just love him. Feel that he is part of your consciousness. Make him your spiritual path, your discipline or way, instead of some mechanical exercise or program. Meher Baba says of himself, "I know the Way and its labyrinths, for I am the Way. I am the Goal."* Thus we are able to enjoy the company of the divine Beloved and participate in the goal to some extent if we tune in to him with love.

When we were around Baba, sometimes this actually happened with us temporarily. His consciousness was so dominant both in the presence of individuals and among throngs of people that at times one would be swept into his state of consciousness and would experience some of the unlimited freedom and beauty and sweetness of God.

*Lord Meher, USA print ed, vol. 16, p. 5525, Bhau Kalchuri


2005 © Darwin Shaw


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