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Meher Baba

When you sleep and dream you experience association with people, speaking with them and doing actions in relation to them, see all manner of objects in your surroundings, and feel happiness or unhappiness in regard to them all. Where do all these people and objects come from? Not from outside yourself but from within you. You create them for your own experiencing — and no one but you sees, knows about and experiences what you are seeing, knowing and experiencing. They exist only for you.

In like manner, you are sitting in this room seeing these other persons and the objects in the room, and, in like manner, no one but you is seeing them and experiencing them — that is, seeing and experiencing them as you are seeing and experiencing them. They exist solely for you and have come from nowhere but from within you — you have created them for your experience of them.

What is called your "awake-state," your daily life with all its associations and experiences, is only you dreaming and in your dream creating all the persons and objects in that dreaming for your experience of them; what is called your dreaming when asleep is but another dream within this dream.

When you awake from your asleep-dreaming into your awake dream you know that the asleep-dreaming was only a dream. When you awake from your awake-dreaming you will know that you were the sole creator of both the dreams, and all the people, objects and situations contained in them — that they existed only in you and were for no one but you and were nothing but dream experiences of your own dreaming; and that you alone have Real Existence.



STAY WITH GOD, p. 167, Francis Brabazon
1977 © Francis Brabazon


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