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Read God Speaks — you can grasp it. If you understand it properly, you will find that there is nothing in the world to worry about! Whatever happens, happens due to impressions or "sanskaras." Sanskaras make the Dream of Creation appear to be real and lasting, and they create undue worries.

So-called "good times" are like happy dreams. Owing to the congenial atmosphere, they become a long and pleasant sight, and you want to enjoy them more and more. But when you awake from sleep, you find that the world of dreams has no value.

"Bad times" are like frightening dreams. You crave to remove yourself from such situations as quickly as possible. If for example, in addition to this, a tiger jumps onto you in your dream, you awaken instantaneously.

It is in God's plan to awaken everyone from the Dream of Creation and make him live in Him and experience His Infinite Bliss. The Law of Opposites operates unfailingly to stage the so-called "good" and "bad" times; and in His compassion God leads everyone and everything towards Himself, Who is beyond good and bad. So, there is really nothing to worry over.

I am Bliss Eternal! I eternally suffer too for remaining steeped in ignorance, as the being of everything and everyone in Illusion.

DARSHAN HOURS, pp. 64-66, ed. Eruch Jessawala and Rick Chapman
1971 © Meher Baba Information


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