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Dr. Goher Irani

After giving mass darshan programmes to thousands and thousands and embracing so many, at the end of the day Baba would be drenched in perspiration, and so tired after the programme was over. When He returned to His room Mehera would remove the drenched sadra and wipe His body with soft towels.

Then she would put on a dry sadra, and Baba would just be relaxing when a message would come in from the mandali side. "Baba, there is a lover who has just arrived who said he couldn't make it on time, his train was late, or something had happened to delay him and he could not come, and it is impossible for him to stay here for the next day."

And Baba would again go from His room to that hall and give darshan to the person, or perhaps two or three, or however many were left there.

And this would happen at so many darshan programmes — one person, or two or three, would be left out for some reason. We would remonstrate and say "Tell the person to come the next day. Baba has just come in and He is so tired."

Baba would not listen to us. He would only listen to the love of His lovers.

LIVES OF LOVE, p. Goher 11, Judith Garbett
1998 © Judith Garbett


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