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William Donkin

Baba one day told the Mandali that they must never question Baba when he treats one man well and another badly, and he explained Sai Baba's action re money as follows.

Sai Baba in taking money from his visitors took from them bundles of their sanskaras, and in giving that same money to those 4 or 5 disciples of his he made those 4 or 5 "dung heaps" of all the sanskaras.

Sai Baba of course had it in his power to burn up those collected dung heaps of sanskaras any time he chose, but in this case he left them there: and after Sai Baba's death those bad sanskaras thrown on to those 4 or 5 disciples bore fruit in suffering for those disciples; and was thus arranged by Sai Baba with the wisdom of a Perfect Master.

So, Baba explained, however he treats one or the other disciple, never worry or enquire, he has his very good reasons for pampering one, and cursing another.


DONKIN'S DIARIES, p. 175, ed Sarah McNeil
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