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In 1962 at the East-West gathering, Bal Natu described a visit to Baba by several people. During the course of the conversation, reference to reading and books was made. Aloba was called to recite some lines of Hafiz in Persian meaning: "Happiness and misery are the lot of life and are experienced in the circle of duality. Once one gets out of this circle the duel of duality vanishes. Hence happiness and misery mean nothing."

One visitor said, "Baba, in a way we understand this pretty well, but we cannot live up to it and cannot help being miserable though this is all a game of nothing!"

Baba replied, "Mere verbal knowledge does not help much, but remember one thing, if misery and happiness are in the domain of Nothing and are really nothing, then why not always choose to be happy? Remain happy. Try to remain happy. Know that God alone is and all else is nothing."

One of the Baba lovers then said that understanding derived through reading is vague and later on becomes confusing, so he had quit reading books on spiritual subjects. The first visitor said, "When we are with our Master, Baba, reading becomes inessential, but when we are away from Baba, reading his books and meditating on the themes mentioned therein are the real solace in life for me."

Baba stated, "The effect of reading depends upon the kind of books and the value you attach to them. We find people quarreling in the name of religion. Is it not like dogs, fighting for the bare bones which have no marrow in them?"

Aloba then repeated Hafiz' lines: "The real lovers of God and Master do not pay heed to ritualistic books but inculcate the high truths revealed by the Perfect Masters."

The visitors then asked, "But why does man, although he desires to be good and honest, fail to be so?"

And Baba replied, "Not one but many questions crop up in the mind and will go on cropping up. But there is only one way out, only one remedy: obey the Master. That will answer all your questions. That will lead you, guide you and make you understand what is in fact ununderstandable. Hafiz says: 'Whatever the Master says, obey him without asking the why and the wherefore of it.'"


HOW A MASTER WORKS, pp. 577-578, Ivy O. Duce
1975 © Sufism Reoriented, Inc.


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