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Judith Garbett

One day there Katie was told to carry a plate of lovely big plums to Baba. He picked up one and held it near her mouth, but she refused to take it, exclaiming 'No, no Baba, it is for you!' He was very annoyed. Chanji was there, and Baba told him to tell her 'Never refuse anything I give, or say or do!' She began to cry, and promised to obey Him. Again He picked up a plum and held it near her mouth which she opened wide — but then He put it straight into His own mouth! As she stood there staring at Him, He laughed and told her 'See, this is how you obey Me!'

LIVES OF LOVE, "Katie" pp.1-2, Judith Garbett
1998 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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