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On 6th February, 1954 ... at 1:35 p.m. Baba gave the following message in the college:-

"I am very happy after coming here amongst you all and especially after meeting Swamiji [Swami Bramhanand] who did all this for you all and still doing, because this is also a part of divine love. I give my love blessings to you all."

After that Beloved Avatar Meher Baba pleased to reach at darshan place at about 3:00 p.m. After sitting on the throne and before starting to give His darshan Beloved Baba gave the following message at 3:05 p.m. at Rath:-

"I have come at your stat from my highest stat, therefore you make me yours, and then you yourself will naturally become mine. If you are poor then accept me also a poor. If you are illiterate take me also to be illiterate. If you are educated take me also to be educated. I have come down on your level, and if you love me wholeheartedly on this level then you will come to my real level, because I am present in you all.

"The prasad which I will give you, remember with love and eat with love then the seed of love would be sown within you."

Thereafter Beloved Avatar Meher Baba began to give His pious darshan to the crowd of people gathered there to have His darshan and to take His Prasad of love from the hands of God. About 15,000 people took his pious darshan and received the Prasad of love and had become blessed by the divine love and bliss of Avatar of the age. They were very very fortunate to get the valuable chance which is available after a long time during the age of Avatar's presence on earth.


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