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At this time (after taking some tea there) Baba appears as if deeply absorbed in some high thoughts. He breaks into ecstasy by saying, "If you realize but a minute particle of that Knowledge, you will derive inexpressible bliss. Every external object will impart you happiness. Every substance will tell you its story in Knowledge. This whole universe which now appears as misery will shine forth as heaven.

"The spiritual Master moulds only one Chargeman like himself. To him he entrusts his everything. Of him he makes his sole heir. The Chargeman distributes this inherited treasure among his Circle — a few chosen ones, whose number counts 12. According to their respective abilities, the Treasure, namely Realization (which is the same to all) and Power (which depends upon the rank in the Circle, and also upon personal endurance before Realization), are distributed at the preappointed time, meaning when the Master of the Chargeman expires. It may be that the Master keeps up his external body while internally he expires; in some cases, the Master's external body fails before his internal expiration takes place.

"Distribution means the entrusting of the Chargeman's internal duty to the Circle members, so hence the Chargeman gets free. He gets freed to enjoy that unfathomable Bliss which hitherto had been blocked for him because of the duty to make his Circle brothers realize the Truth.

"The state of the circle members differs from that of the Chargeman in this respect: members can enjoy that Bliss whenever they like, and can also direct their attention towards the Chargeman's duty at will, while the Chargeman after experiencing Realization for a certain period, say for a few days or hours, is returned to the lower plane, thereby concealing the above Experience, so that instead of being drowned in Divinity he can perform his Circle's duty. During the performance of the duty, he has to undergo much mental torture and has to pass through several crises."


RAMJOO'S DIARIES 1922-1929, p. 321, Ramjoo Abdulla
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