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E. Sathiraju


In the year 1939 I was handed a booklet called 'Sayings of Meher Baba.' On seeing this booklet, my then Guru said that Meher Baba is a great personage of the times.

On another occasion while travelling on a Mail train to Madras in January, 1952 I remember somebody telling me that there is a Doctor, T. Dhanapathi Rao, a staunch devotee of Meher Baba. He has been subsequently called by Baba as the Grand Old Man of Andhra. On arrival at Tadepalligudem Railway Station, one Y. Ranga Rao of Ellore came and sat by my side with a book called Discourses of Meher Baba in his hands. Ranga Rao gave more details about Baba and His divinity. Subsequently, I contacted Dr. T. Dhanapathi Rao when he visited Vizianagaram. He gave me a copy of Perfect Master a book on the life and teachings of Baba which enlightened me a great deal.

Later, I had a close contact of brothers Eruch and Pendu, two Mandali members of Baba in the summer of 1952 at Tadepalligudem. Their heartfelt talks on the divinity of Baba and their simplicity intensified my desire to see Baba.

At the end of 1952 Baba invited about 400 lovers of all castes and creeds from all parts of India to congregate at Meherabad for 3 days from 7th to 9th November, 1952. I was one of the 20 Andhra lovers invited for the congregation.

I had Baba's Darshan on 7th November, 1952. As I approached Baba, I could see a lustrous light all round Him. His smiling face exercised an electro-magnetic attraction. I was inspired and my mind became blank. I forgot all my surroundings. Only Baba, His wonderful gestures, His holy messages and communications conveyed through a medium of an Alphabet Board. His directives to His disciples attending on Him, occupied my mind all the 3 days of my stay there. Never before in my life time had I seen such a divine being as Baba. On the last day of the meeting I experienced, Baba's omniscience. I whispered to T. Dhanapathirao that I felt proud of the fact that Baba used the two chamki (lace) garlands offered to Him for all the 3 days. Immediately, Mast Mohammed called out to Baba from the verandah of the meeting hall as, "Dada, Dada, Dada." At the close of the meeting Baba went straight to Mohammed and handed over the two garlands and went away. Mohammed threw the garlands and powdered them with a stone nearby in our presence. What more evidence did we require to say that Baba is the All-knowing Ego surgeon?

The impact of His love and compassion is having its influence on those who contacted Him personally as well as on those who love Him and follow His teachings according to their capacity of receptivity and understanding. Baba has sown the seeds of love by distributing prasad, by His embrace, by close contact in Sahavas, by discourses and by Himself leading a practical life of Truth and Honesty. In short there is an awakening all over the world and an urge to know more about Baba and His divinity.

I am of the opinion that the manifestation of Baba has started. Infinite God is everlastingly functioning in Silence to elevate humanity from ignorance and suffering. Baba's undertaking a long period of Silence for over 43 years is only to teach His lovers the importance of Silencing the mind filled with age long sanskaric bindings (Poorwa Hanma Samskaras). By such one-pointed concentration mind can be silenced to enable one to hear the original sound — First word OM and from thence one will be able to ascend to the higher planes of consciousness and finally to the reality. I therefore believe, that such elevated souls only will be able to experience His manifestation everywhere. Gradually all can reach the goal according to the intensity of their love and concentration on Baba, the Power House, Avatar of the Yuga, who promises with Divine Authority, to annihilate our minds and its attachments.

I accept Meher Baba as Kalika-Avatar, the Second Christ and Rasool whose coming is expected by all religions.

During his life time Baba declared to the world by Divine Authority that He is the Avatar of the Age. None could challenge Him on this point. Sadgurus Sai Baba, Upasni and others declared Baba's Avatarhood. His long Silence of 44 years, His world-wide tours in spreading His Message of Love and Truth, His magnetic enchanting Personality and above all the growth of His followers and centres in large numbers throughout the world during His life time and even after He dropped His body, speak of His Avatarhood.


GLOW INTERNATIONAL, February 1975, Vol. 10, No. 1
ed Naosherwan Anzar and Freiny Nalavala
1975 © Naosherwan Anzar


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