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Judith Garbett

Mehera spoke one day of going to the Circus with Baba on several occasions. She said that the last time they went with Him was in Ahmednagar in 1957. It was very enjoyable, with many acts. At the end of the show the manager himself came into the Ring with a big elephant. They walked up to Baba who was sitting with Mehera and the women mandali.

The elephant carried a garland in her trunk and gently placed it round Baba's neck, and the manager offered Him a large bouquet of flowers. This was a special mark of respect to Baba from the manager who was a Hindu, and all the members of the circus were also Hindus.

After Baba dropped His physical form, it was many years before Mehera and the women mandali again went to a circus. This occasion was also in Ahmednagar, and not long before the circus was due to leave after a stay of many weeks. As usual all the women mandali enjoyed the different acts. The last one was by a team of elephants.

On a dais in the centre of the ring the figure of a Hindu goddess was placed. Three elephants, one small, one large and one medium size came and performed arti, walking round the figure of the goddess, offering flowers, ringing a hand-bell, showering vermilion powder, and presenting a coconut. This greatly appealed to the whole audience.


LIVES OF LOVE, Part 2, p. 1
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