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Eruch Jessawala

On top of that, Baba would ask us to do things which we knew were impossible. That's what I was starting to tell you this morning. For someone like Deshmukh, who seemed unaware of the world, who was so innocent in his love, he had no way of knowing what was possible and what was not. But I was a worldly person. So when Baba would give us these orders, I knew well that they were impossible. That nobody would ever agree to them. And yet, we were ordered to carry them out.

And we couldn't go about it with hesitation, you understand. If we had gone up to someone like this, very timidly, apologizing and speaking softly like Davana here, we never could have gotten the work done. We had to be bold, we were emissaries of the Emperor, after all, and even though we may have felt in our heart of hearts that the order was impossible, we had to act as if we fully expected the other person to accede to the request, no matter how strange it might be.


THAT'S HOW IT WAS, pp. 78-79
1995 © Eruch Jessawala


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