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Murshida Ivy O. Duce

The fourth qualification which is very difficult is endurance. Endurance is something that seems to be the least known commodity today. If people could endure, they would not all be swallowing tranquilizers and drugs every minute. They all think that they should not have to be tense and all worked up and be fatigued.

We talked about that at the Sufi Center one night. It is quite normal to have tense things to do, and to be fatigued afterwards. Otherwise we would be mollusks. And we should learn to endure. We should cheerfully bear everything and resent nothing because the law, the karmic law is right. You have to remember, (and I am talking about aspirants in this), what you set out to do is to climb a mountain — back to where you came from — to God.

And I can assure you it is a mountain. You must have endurance or you are going to dally by the wayside and wander around in this valley or that one for a long time. It all depends upon you.

God has patience and He can wait. It is His game. He is not going to rush it unless you really give yourself to Him and want to progress faster. But if you want to progress faster and if you are lucky enough to serve a Master, you must acquire endurance.


SUFISM, pp. 50-51
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