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A few months before the whole family left Mary Lodge forever at the beginning of August 1938, Eruch had two interesting dreams. Actually they occurred fifteen days before he received his first direct communication from Baba, and, as it were, signalled the beginning of their departure from Nagpur and joining Baba.

Eruch had applied for and been accepted in the renowned Engineering College of Benares, but before departing he had a summer vacation. During this period at home he had these two dreams which, as he has said, was unusual because he rarely dreamt.

In the first dream, Baba has come to the house, and in his dream Eruch sees Baba holding the hands of his father and mother, and beside them are his sisters with his young brother Meherwan in front, and they are all coming out of the house. At this point Baba turns back and says: 'Is there any foodstuff in the house?'

Eruch hears his mother's voice replying: 'There is a lot of milk.'

Baba turns to Eruch and tells him: 'Put all the milk in a ditch, clean the vessel and put it back. Close all the doors and windows and come out. Hurry, run!'

They then went out of the house and Eruch, after doing as Baba ordered, followed. That was the dream.

The next night Eruch had a second dream, and this time he used the word 'horrifying' to describe it. He was driving Baba, driving fast, and yet Baba kept urging 'faster, faster'. Eruch said that in the dream he was conscious of noise, of speed, of danger, and of Baba vigorously urging him to drive on and on. Suddenly they came to the brink of an ocean, but Baba continued to insist on Eruch driving, and they went on through the ocean.

Eruch was sweating with the effort and with anxiety — not, as he said, for fear of his life, but in responsibility for this 'Man' sitting alongside him. What would people say of him if anything happened to Baba? And all this time Eruch was driving, drenched in sweat, frightened to death.

Now darkness came in the dream, and all through the night the car went on and on. Then in the dream the dawn came, and in the distance was a small building, very white and shining. Baba seemed happy and pointed to it. It was a little building with a dome. At the same time the car came to the beach and stopped.

The car stopping at the beach and at the dome was such a shock that Eruch woke. He was exhausted, drenched in sweat, and the bed too was wet with sweat, as though he had actually been driving the car all night.


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