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Meher Baba


January 10, 1934

My ever faithful Leyla,

...would you, darling, give up that look and air of depression, and be more cheerful, gay, and happy! I love you so to look and be always happy. Clouds of depression may come and go, but there is always the sun of happiness behind them.

Don't you know, Leyla dearest, how I love you to be with Me always, and am actually working here for the same — to bring about the happy reunion which is ever your delight and dream. But, in the meantime, go on with your work. Things will ease gradually. But when they look complicated, don't despair. I know how you feel the separation — how all else is lifeless to you without Me, but don't you My dearest.

That time too is coming when you will be with Me, work with Me, for Me and My cause. Let Me arrange things as I want, and only do as I say. I know you always try your best, but I also know that you at times worry, which I don't want you to do. Time does hang heavy when separation is keenly felt, but remember "even this shall pass away."

You are one of My nearest and dearest who are always in My thoughts wherever I am, wherever you are and each of you have a great part to play in the great work that is ahead, and for which I am preparing you. So again I say, darling Leyla, don't worry.

Always with you,
With all My love,


THE OCEAN OF LOVE, Delia DeLeon, pp. 70-71
1991 © Meher Baba Association


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