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Judith Garbett

Describing the horsemen who came for Baluchistan in the far north of India, Mehera said they were very smartly turned out. On each man's head a starched turban-end stood up in front, and there was a long tail at the back. They wore special white shirts with embroidered jackets, and very full pants. Children were told if they were naughty they could be snatched up and hidden in these pants and then taken away.

Mehera remembered that in Poona a number of these men would come to pay homage to Babajan. They would sit in a group in front of her to her right. Babajan would sit against the neem tree, and Mehera and her mother and aunt would visit also, sitting back a little to Babajan's left.

Babajan would not talk much at all, but would listen to the men talking to her, and at the same time she would give a slight movement of her eyes towards the women, thus acknowledging them and including them in the group before her. Mehera said this was done very sweetly, and commented that years later she was occasionally reminded of Babajan's eye movements by Baba doing the same.


LIVES OF LOVE, Mehera, Part 2, p. 2
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