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Margaret Craske

A few of the disciples in Nasik had a strong belief that their dreams indicated some special spiritual progress and were most anxious to recount them to anyone who would listen.

Baba lovingly agreed to listen to these dreams and discuss them and arranged for everyone to meet each morning at 5:30 in the sitting room. Delia and I, who confessed to having no dreams of any kind that we remembered, were told that instead of entering the discussion we were to brush Baba's hair and massage His scalp. For us this was wonderful. What were dreams compared with the pleasure of brushing Baba's beautiful hair and, with our fingertips, massaging His scalp. His head was an amazing shape. Even now my hands can remember how it was formed.

Every now and then while the dream session was going on, He would place His first finger on some spot that He felt had been neglected and it was immediately given extra treatment. Delia and I were so occupied with our job that we did not always hear all the dreams, but I do remember one morning an anguished voice saying, "Last night, Baba, I dreamt that I came to the edge of the great void, but I was afraid to jump in. Next time, Baba, push me in, push me in." Baba, looking suitably impressed, agreed to do so. Another one announced that she had dreamed that her head was a glass ball, and dear old Will Backett said meekly that in a dream he had looked at his own arm and knew that it was Baba's arm.

Delia and I certainly had no reason to bemoan our dreamless condition.

These sessions did not go on for more than two or three weeks, but they certainly brought certain facets of the ego up to the surface for all of us. This, explained Baba, must happen before the ego-facets can be destroyed.


THE DANCE OF LOVE, pp. 63-64
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